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Grateful Dead Live at Newcastle City Hall on 1972-04-11

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Newcastle City Hall on 1972-04-11

This show has been commercially released as " Europe '72: The Complete Recordings - All The Music Edition"

Set 1

Greatest Story Ever Told
Mr. Charlie
Black Throated Wind
Tennessee Jed
Big Boss Man
Beat It On Down The Line
Jack Straw
Chinatown Shuffle
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Playing In The Band
Next Time You See Me
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain
Big Railroad Blues
Casey Jones

Set 2

Good Lovin'
Ramble On Rose
Truckin' ->
The Other One ->
Comes A Time
Sugar Magnolia
Brokedown Palace

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Newcastle City Hall
Location Newcastle, England

Source SBD > Master Reel
Lineage MR(recorded by Rex Jackson)>R(JG)>R(WB) Maxell UD XL reel tape @ 3 3/4 ips>Apogee Mini Me(24/96)>Apogee Mini DAC(monitoring)>LYNX ONE soundcard>Wavelab 5.0(dithered to 20/44)>CD
Taped by Rex Jackson
Transferred by Matt Smith and Jamie Waddell


Reviewer: chris phillips - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 10, 2015
Subject: gem
The band seems ultra-focused for this impromptu gig.
Playin' is very dynamic. Looks Like Rain with pedal steel is the best.
Good Lovin' through Truckin' is remarkably well played.
Reviewer: doug_the_dude - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 11, 2014
Subject: --
It's always a good chuckle to read ongoing "i-know-you-are-but-what-am-i" deadhead meltdowns on the archive :) :) :) We may drive each other nuts on this site, but if we ever met up at a show I think a few beers all around would be in order.

ANYWAYS, yeah, this one cooks. Pig has some vocals troubles during Mr. Charlie, and the rest of the first set is pretty standard stuff but starts to heat up with that Playin' (over ***much*** too quickly!). Looks Like Rain, with Jer's steel guitar and the boys harmonizing (no Donna) sounds absolutely heartbreaking.

Set 2 really digs in with that Truckin' on to Comes a Time. What an amazing hour+ of music. Was this the first time they tried out that "Groovy Jam" thing that made its way into so many 73-74 China Cats?

Yeah, as Chris said: get the official release. It sounds amazing.
Reviewer: gratefulhoneynoats - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 1, 2011
Subject: Saturday Night?
Not sure where the Saturday Night comes from, but most sources (deadlists, deadbase, etc.) list Brokedown as the Encore and no Saturday Night on this show.
Beyond that, wonderful show, just like the rest of Europe '72, which, for very good reason, is finally being released in its entirety, remastered on HDCD. Can't wait for the crisp wonderful quality of a commercial release on all of the recordings. But it's gonna be expensive, so stream/download these shows while you still can, the box set comes out in a month.

You can't go wrong with Europe '72. No show's a dud.
Reviewer: Chris U. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 19, 2011
Subject: Worth Repeating Many Many Times
This is one of those shows where you get the feeling that everyone is playing and thinking "Yeah goddammit we are the Grateful Fxcking Dead and that is why your brain is melting."

Newcastle puts nearly everything else in 1972 to shame.

Try this experiment: listen to the show out of only the left channel (or whichever channel has Bobby's guitar on your set-up). You'll discover then the answer to the question: why does everything after 1974 sound so different? In a nutshell -- Weir never came closer to eclipsing Jerry as a guitarist than he did during 1972-74 -- at least until the time that it no longer mattered (i.e., anyone could have done so in the band's final decade).

Even Keith Richards might have raised an eyebrow after listening to Weir's explosive chords during the instrumental section of Greatest Story Ever Told. And his sublime counterpoint on songs like Deal and Tennessee Jed brings tears to my eyes.

That said, you'll want to have both channels working for most occasions. :) Jer's pedal steel on Looks Like Rain is really really sweet -- my favorite version of this song by a long shot.
Reviewer: clementinescaboose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2011
Subject: truckin>jam
Miles Davis and Ron Carter could be playing during this and you'd never know the difference...thank you for this remarkable music!
Reviewer: Cliff Hucker - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 11, 2010
Subject: Good performance with a terrific second set...
"A municiple concrete dump, with a balcony all the way around and big, fucking, comcrete pillars that interfere with sight lines. Still, the place is packed. Thousands and thousands and thousands. Perhaps we're finally catching on." Rock Scully

Minor sound issues detract somewhat from what is otherwise another very compelling Europe '72 performance. In spite of GEMS efforts, this remains quite hissy, though it is still by all means a highly enjoyable recording. The centerpiece of this show is of course, the dynamite second set jam suite that was included in the Steppin' Out release. Other highlights of this fairly well played show include an excellent China/Rider, a particularly hot performance of Playin' in The Band and a terrific Good Lovin'.

After an unspectacular first set, this show really cranks up during the loose but well jammed Truckin' and superb Other One that includes some brief Caution licks and a not entirely developed but nonetheless beautiful Feelin' Groovy Jam. The jam after Truckin' contains a gorgeous duet between Keith and Jerry before Phil takes over just a few minutes before the drums segment, providing a rather unique and jazzy bass themed movement almost initiating The Other One. This one is structured somewhat like the Dark Stars of the period; an exploraratory pre-verse intro that covers quite a bit of ground, then visits multiple themes before melting down into space before the second verse conclusion. A precursor to the amazing performances to come. (95 pts)
Reviewer: Tidewater four ten O nine - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 30, 2009
Subject: Heh Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?
Just about managed to pick my way through the strange tongue you speak in.

I guess there's no point in asking for your daughter's hand in marriage then?

Sorry to have caused you so much offence but "Newcastle" is very close to me (where I went to university & my football ['sarker'] club) and it pisses me off when people get it wrong. Just like Deadheads would be offended if others spoke of Benny Garcia or Dave Weir or Norbert Lesh .... maybe? Yep, I do like things to be done properly (even though I make my own fair share of up-cocks!) but the point about the Dead being professional must have gone over your head (maybe 'cos it was stuck up your arse?). Yep, they make their own fair share of flubs too (eg Bob getting Truckin' wrong again and again and again) but, despite this, their standard is very, very high and is generally very, very professional - and that's why I love them - warts and all.

Oh-Um-Oh-Ah (or whatever) - don't just take my word for it - ask PM Tell and/or other more established forumites ....... they'll give you the lowdown.

But, back to the music, for those who have got this far and haven't dropped-off - this is a megga show (as per all of Europe '72) and worthy of 5 stars, despite being (described by the Dead as) the coldest place on earth - if you think Newcastle CIty Hall is cold, try St James' Park on relegation day.

Gotta fly (bigger fish to fry) but (douchebag) what about me marrying your daughter? Then we can have even more intense/prolonged 'discussions' a la father/son-in-law ..........
Reviewer: jerlouvis - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2009
Subject: reviewing the reviewers
I generally remain pretty unaffected either way by the reviews I read, but a couple relating to this show just plain aggravated me.also love the band was blathering on about the hiss or some "quality " problem, to my ear and to any reasonable person this show sounds fantastic,he must be some newbie spoiled child of the internet because older heads can attest to listening to some really pathetic quality dead boots of which this show is most definitley not one. I would like to Matt and Jamie for doing a fine job on the transfer and sharing it with us.On to Tidewater41009,I don't know what Grateful Dead you listen to but if your expecting to hear all the right notes and lyrics you must listen to a different gd than the rest of us , because more often than not they are going to space some words and clank some notes.Whyho he is other than seeing his reviews here and he seems do you have to pick on oh ah um ah,I have no idea wlike a harmless happy cat who never really says anything outlandish in his reviews even if you don't agree with particularly.You come off as one of those snotty superior for no reason, douchebag deadheads that we all know and strongly dislike.Take a cue from a classy reviewer like Evan S. Hunt who gave some good advice in his review of this very show. Judging by his reviews of many shows here at archive his opinon should be respected due to his long history in seeing the band.
Reviewer: Folkhippy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 13, 2009
Subject: well...
I would like to thank "oh_uh_um_ah" for his great reviews of 1969 shows! I could have never navigated through all 120-some shows to find the great ones without his help. He is defiantly not a newbie as his "first show" review was from '71. He has great taste in Pigpen era Dead and I have searched under his name many times. Sure his reviews are brief and kind of cheesy with his "its 1969 at the Fillmore West...where were you?" phrases but he always comments on the best shows and that has helped me find the goodies. lol sorry dude, kind of lame! "Where were you?" hahahaha! "I couldn't be there then...but I showed up today." hahahahaha totally lame!

As for the show, I can listen to pretty rough AUDs and still enjoy them but what I can't tolerate is tape hiss. This SBD has plenty of it and the instrument levels are on the verge of being almost good or almost muddy. I'd give it a 6/10. The performance makes up for it though! EUROPE '72!
Reviewer: Also Love The Band - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 12, 2009
Subject: Pretty Groovy
I liked it. It had a classic 1972 appeal. But the poor sound quality detracted slightly from it. Definitely worth a listen!
Reviewer: oh_uh_um_ah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 13, 2009
Subject: The GRATEFUL DEAD "Live On Stage" April 11, 1972 at Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England


Thirty seven years and "two days ago" the GRATEFUL DEAD performed live in Newcastle, England. Where were you?

The sound of this show could be better...this is one of them shows you're gonna want to EQ for playback.

"~Very Magical~" show from Europe, 1972.

A "must have" show for all collectors of 1972 GRATEFUL DEAD.

The IA recommends users of Windows XP view this web-page with RealPlayer. RealPlayer is a free media player you can download at

For easy streaming or downloading use RealPlayer. Click the VBR M3U link to open the songs in the Playlist. If your Playlist is not open, open it by clicking the Playlist icon at the lower right hand corner of RealPlayer. Once the songs are in the Playlist, double click the song to play it, then click the record button at the lower left hand corner of Realplayer to record it. When the red line reaches the other end click the stop button to download the song. Your song is in the RealPlayer Downloads folder. Repeat these steps for each song.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Listen to the GRATEFUL DEAD.

Thanks for the Love.

PS: Thanks for the spell check, mate...
Reviewer: Evan S. Hunt - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 13, 2009
Subject: Exceptional Re-Creation...
...of a multi-generation transfer -- adequately adapted, cleaned and spruced -- of a yeoman GD performance.

this is a show you have to stick with to sluice its nuggets, but you shall not be disappointed. The other reviews are also revealing. Yes, there's hissiness, etc. You must work through it if you wish to extract much fine gold.

5 stars due to the overall effort presented by the band and the subsequent diligent efforts of people who love this music and live to give it.

for us.
Reviewer: SkyDawg - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 5, 2008
Subject: Cream Of The Crop
The Dead turn in a cream of the crop Europe '72 performance in front of what Bob Weir would later describe as the "coldest stiffest audience" he had ever played for. The Dead play their hearts out though and this show is hot!
Of special note is the "Feeling Groovy" jam during The Other One. I don't remember ever hearing the band do that particular jam during The Other One before. It starts at about the 11:20 mark and goes on for about three minutes before drifting into a quiet jam by Jerry, Keith and Phil. Truly stunning! It gives this particular version of the song a vibe truly unique unto itself.
The sound quality is vastly improved with this master source being made available. Many thanks for uploading this Gem! Highly recommended!
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